That's Different to Property Management. Why Software Development?

David Taing


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That’s Different to Property Management. Why Software Development/Engineering?

My boring answer, is that I’ve always been fairly technical. I am the go-to IT support technician of the family and was one at the first Real Estate office that I worked at.

The more interesting answer, is a combination of a few things:

I had been learning programming since 2014 and was a permanent beginner for some time

Wrote my first line of code back in 2014. Completed a Diploma in Software Development course back in 2015. But I never really put myself out there and I didn’t work hard enough.

So I went from Warehousing, then eventually to Real Estate for a few years.

Throughout this time period, I was learning programming on and off. I would spend a few months programming, then starting and stoping, over and over.

Let’s fast-forward to me as a Property Manager (Real Estate Rentals).

I built something that Dave the Property Manager would pay Dave the Software Developer for

At the end of each month, I had a process that took me five hours. This involved scanning 100+ Landlord Statements, re-naming each file, then emailing them manually, one by one.

Came across SendGrid and built a small application to batch send emails from a spreadsheet.

And I was able to drop this process down to 1 hour.

That’s when it clicked for me. I now understood what makes Software Engineering valuable.

💡 We’re solving the problems of our customers.

To this day, I carry this philosophy as a Software Engineer.

It’s one of those rare careers where you can get paid well and be very passionate about

Paid well vs passion. Most people only get to pick one

With Software Engineering, I get to pick two. That’s a hell yeah from me.

¹ I put that in italics, because I do believe “follow you passion” is generally BS. But that’s a topic for another day. If you are interested in digging deeper, I’ll recommend Cal Newport’s book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”.

And finally, I believed that I would be way stronger as a Software Engineer

Frankly, I felt that I would only ever be a mediorce Property Manager.

As a Software Engineer though, I believed that I could be really good. So good that they can’t ignore me.

I think that has proved to be true so far. I am certaintly heading in that direction.

I went all-in. And I put in the work. And I became a Professional Software Engineer after 1200+ hours in VS Code.

I’m 6 months in. I’m still early-career.

I can see myself:

Where ever I end up, I’m really excited to see what happens.

Written By David Taing

Dave is an ex-Property Manager turned Fullstack TypeScript Engineer. He mostly spends his time gluing APIs together at work, building side-projects, regularly going to tech meetups, and sharing the things he learns online.